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PSY 201 - Kitty Genovese

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Gangnam Style

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If you want to register for you classes early, be sure to select one of the options. Orientation starts on. Search volume for K-pop since according to Google Trends. PSY Gangnam Style", a review and parody of "Gangnam Style" uploaded on July 23 by K-pop video bloggers Simon and Martina Stawski, a Canadian couple living in Seoul.

This makes the Stawski's video the earliest parody featured in an American newspaper.

Gangnam Style

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Psychology Theories & Self Reflection Words | 11 Pages. Introduction Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. It is a broad discipline which seeks to analyze the human mind and study why people behave, think, and feel the way they do.

Psy 201 word search
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