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Jean Bruller

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Le silence de la mer analysis essay

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Silence as Resistance – Le Silence De La Mer (Jean-Pierre Melville)

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"il regard ma niece comme un homme regarde une statue anime" "pauvrebelle" "j'etais effraye pour toujours a l'egard des jeunes filles allemandes". Thousands of copies of Le Silence de la mer, the first book published by the press, circulated throughout occupied France.

It was later widely translated and in was made into a motion picture. Vercors, an outspoken leftist, continued to write fiction, plays, and essays, but he never matched the initial success of Le Silence de la mer.

In essence, the drama of Le silence de la mer revolves around the contested realm of words and sounds. Despite its poeticism, it is a film about occupation, colonisation, and the control of words, music and sounds, as well as the command of space.

For students studying Le Silence de la Mer as their cultural topic, this document contains lots of phrases that they could reuse if they are trying to get into the top bands. Phrases cover all the themes and main aspects of the book.

Jean Marcel Adolphe Bruller (26 February – 10 June ) was a French writer and illustrator who co-founded Les Éditions de Minuit with Pierre de Lescure.

Born to a Hungarian-Jewish father, during the World War II occupation of northern France he joined the Resistance and his texts were published under the pseudonym Vercors. Several of his novels have fantasy or science fiction themes.

Le silence de la mer seems intended rather to embody the most refined values of a culture as they persist against all odds at a moment of maximum pressure and hopelessness.

The metaphorical tact of the title is representative of the work; it is left for the reader to reflect that the sea is never silent. On Film / Essays Sep 18, The.

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