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300 Words Essay on Yoga and meditation

Raja means King. A king acts with independence, self-confidence and assurance. Likewise, a Raja Yogi is autonomous, independent and fearless. Raja Yoga is the path of self-discipline and practice.

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Only at". Yoga is a system of physical and mental discipline which originated in India long ago. The word is linked to meditative practices in both Buddhism and Hinduism. In the latter, it also refers to an orthodox school of philosophy.

Yoga has many branches like Raja yoga, Karma yoga, jnana yoga, Bhakthi yoga, and. For many in the West, yoga is simply just a part of your workout plan, a means of strengthening the body, curing body ailments, and improving flexibility. Nowadays, yoga is one of the most used methods in the mind-body connection.

"Yoga refers to a type of exercise based on controlled breathing, diet, exercise and a series of physical postures" (Yoga, 1).

This exercise is commonly linked to meditation and relaxation. Yoga is very useful because it 3/5(7). Yoga Experience. Yoga is a class of profound, mental, and physical teaches, or practice which began in pre memorable India.

There are extensive variety of yoga practices, objectives and schools in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

Essay on raja yoga
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