Cindy shermans work breaking common stereotypes and cultural assumptions

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Cindy Sherman

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Essays on Twentieth-Century History (Critical Perspectives On The Past)

contemporary parents and children might handle their children breaking away from them — how he might handle it, with his own children — rather brought a bit more into common recognition was how experiences during war might never be shucked off. But. Rembrandt’s self- portraits present a visual diary of the artist over a span of forty years Cindy Sherman forces the audience to reconsider common stereotypes and cultural assumptions through self portrait photographs.

How does Cindy Sherman deconstruct stereotypes of women in western culture in her work? By her collective self-portraits. she photographs herself as in stereotypical roles often seen in movies, such as girl next door, the seductress, the trapped housewife, or the vulnerable hitchhiker.

The speciality of the course is the attempt to bring together, in one space, feminist cultural and historiographical theory, studies in the histories of women’s work in the visual arts, analyses and practices of contemporary art by women.

JESSICA SPRAGUE-JONES AND JOEY SPRAGUE Cindy Sherman, ‘‘Feminist Artist’’ Breaking onto the art scene in the late seventies and early eighties, and continuing to produce critically acclaimed work throughout the last 20 years, Sherman is arguably the most successful woman artist in the contemporary art world.

Stereotypes are assumptions held about the characteristics of a particular group of people. These assumptions could be due to their race, culture.

Cindy shermans work breaking common stereotypes and cultural assumptions
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Cindy Sherman – Dee Lamb